The United Kingdom of Great Britain, commonly known as the United Kingdom is located off the north¬western coast of the Europe. The temperature of United Kingdom is generally good, cool temperature and plentiful rainfall. And if we talk about economy of UK, it has a partially regulated economy and as we know that UK has the 5th largest economy in the world and 2nd largest in Europe after Germany. The official Language of UK is English.

Whenever someone thinks about studying abroad, the very first country which comes into the mind is UK because of advantages one can have while studying in UK. Here are the top 10 reasons to study in UK:

1) Top Universities:

There are many top ranking universities in UK, but the strange fact about UK universities is that 9 Universities of UK have their rankings in top 50 according to the QSRANKING which are totally astonishing results. Here is the list of 9 universities:
1) University of Cambridge ranks 4th

2) University of Oxford ranks 6th

3) UCL (University College London) ranks 7th
University College London

4) Imperial College London ranks 9th

5) The University of Edinburgh ranks 19th

6) King's College London ranks 21th

7) The University of Manchester ranks 29th

8) London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) ranks 37th

9) University of Bristol ranks 41th

2) Education system:

Education system of UK is really strong and renowned. And the strategy which is used to conduct the classes is nowhere to be seen around the world. The courses offered are shorter than any other country around the world. The quality of education is the most important thing for universities in UK.

3) Top courses:

When we talk about study abroad, the most important thing we have to decide is that, what course should we opt. The study courses in UK are really very interesting and unique. There are courses available, which usually universities around the world don’t offer.

4) Scholarships:

Generally, there are so many scholarships available for international students in their undergraduate programs, as well as in postgraduate programs. Some of the scholarships are available named below: 1) Westminster International Scholarship.
2) Commonwealth Scholarship.
3) Cardiff University Scholarship.

5) Top job opportunities:

After graduating from UK universities, there are very high chances that you will be hired in a well-renowned company and learn some great experiences with in the field.

6) Extracurricular activities:

The very important thing as an international student is to enjoy your time while studying abroad and that is where studying in UK is beneficial, because UK universities provide wide range of extracurricular activities.

7) Work while studying:

As we all know that the most countries in Europe provide an opportunity to work 20 hours per week during your studies and full time during vacations. Same is the case in UK, which helps students to cover their expense of studies by working part time.

8) Free from language barrier:

As we all know that UK is free from language barrier, being the home of most used language around the globe and students find it comfortable to enjoy their study life as well as social life.

9) Benefits regarding health:

Health benefits are being given to students in UK through NHS (NATIONAL HEALTH SCHEME). If you opt a program of six weeks or more you will get free/subsidized medical services.

10) Multicultural land:

There are so many benefits to spend your time in multicultural land as it helps you to learn some creativity and uniqueness. It also helps you to learn new cultures and customs. It provides you an opportunity to learn or strengthen your 2nd and 3rd languages and most importantly increases your confidence.

Some of the most important documents are given below:
1) An admission letter from the University, in which team IGL will help you.
2) Previous education transcripts and certificates.
3) Enough bank statement as a proof that you can pay your next semester fees and expenses.
4) Valid IELTS or TOEFL score.
5) Photographs and Biometrics.

The duration of the bank statement is 28 full days in tier 4(General) student visa. You need to show some particular amount in the bank for 28 days which is the foremost requirement of UK student visa.

How much money should we have?

That is totally depends on your university fee structure because we have to show your 2nd semester fee of the university. As generally, students have already paid for the first semester in UCAS. Just in case, if the students pay the fee of whole year which is around £15000- £22000, then he/she does not need to show the semester fee and the living expense of 1 year approx (£9,135) as a proof that we can bear the expenses of our accommodation and livings.

Counseling at IGL:

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