Sweden is officially known as the Kingdom of Sweden. It is located in the Northern Europe. Sweden has a total population of 10.3 million of which 2.6 million have a foreign background. The climate of Sweden is generally mild because of its northerly latitude. The official language of Sweden is Swedish. Education of Sweden is one of the best in Europe and really very affordable. There are some universities which have a good ranking in the world and well known to the world like Stockholm, Uppsala, Lund and Gothenburg University.

First thing, which comes into your mind when you think about Study Abroad is cost and financials. And that is where Sweden plays an important role, because Sweden has some very much world renowned universities with the great amount of affordability. 12 universities of Sweden are listed in times’ Higher Education World Universities rankings. The highest ranked university in Sweden is Karolinska Institute, which is ranked at 36th place in the world. Lund University follows Karolinska Institute at the second place and has the world ranking of 103rd

• Learning team work is one of the main focus of universities in Sweden, which cannot be found anywhere in the world. As the world requires team players and the way you study in Sweden is all about team. This will help you anywhere in the world when it comes to perform in team.
• You learn more practical work and you will learn how to convert theory into practical, which is the most important part of student’s life and that is where Sweden has a very good educational system regarding practical work.
• Sweden universities work on the students to give them strengths and talents.
• Once you enroll in any of the Swedish University, you will be surrounded by the creativity and innovation.
Large numbers of multinational internships and experience:
Atlas Copco
• You can find a course of study you like the most in Sweden because of the availability of courses in Sweden universities.

The very first thing you have to do is to select your degree program. Once you select the program and University, send your application to that university with the help of their website universityadmissions.se. They do reply you once their deadline has ended. Once you receive your admission letter, you can apply for the visa and fly to Europe. We are here for you, if you want to apply through us. If we apply on your behalf that will be very beneficial for you, because we have been professionally sending students to abroad since 2017.

1) Completely filled and signed application form.

2) Admission letter from the university.

3) Biometric Data: Two passport sized photographs with a light background. It may also require your finger prints or you can give your fingerprints at the embassy itself, so no worries.

4) Valid passport.

5) All the educational documents.

6) Travel Insurance: Just like other European countries, Sweden also needs a valid travel medical insurance. It should cover the expense of 30,000 Euro approx.

7) Accommodation: It is necessary to arrange a hotel or any sort of accommodation before you apply to study visa.

8) Evidence of Financial Status: (Bank Statement)
You need to prove that you have sufficient amount in your bank to finance your next semester studies and living expense for one year. One year of living expense (80,640 sek) alongside next semester fees has to be shown in your account that is approx 27 to 28 lacs PKR approx, but it differs and depends on the currency rate and university fees.

9) Personal Covering Letter: You also need to write a covering letter because you can’t proof all the little necessary details about your journey in Sweden, so write a covering letter and it is necessary that you pin a covering letter that has all these details regarding your trip. Don’t forget to sign the letter.

10) Experience letter must also be submitted if you have any.

For more details, we (TEAM IGL) are always there for you. You just need to contact us at Info@theigl.com.pk.

You are allowed to work while studying. There is no limitation of working in Sweden while studying, but we will recommend you to put studies on first place.

You are allowed to extend your residence permit after completing your graduation for up to six months to search for a job. Once you find a job, you can have a great life over there.


We (TEAM IGL) are available for your counseling regarding your studies in Sweden. You just need to visit our nearest branch or call us on given number: 0337 8414260.