Malaysia is a very flexible country as a study destination for overseas students. Today, Malaysia is among the biggest markets for transnational education (TNE) provision and the biggest overall for UK providers with some 48,225 students studying towards a UK qualification in Malaysia. Malaysia is not too expensive to live and study as compared to Australia, UK, Canada, Germany & USA. Currently, there are close to 100,000 international students enrolled in Malaysia-based institutions of higher education. The large number of students from Islamic Countries is due in large part to the cultural and religious similarities and lower fees compared to Universities in Europe and the United States. Malaysia has made it very easy for international students with procedure of an admission to enrolled themselves in an international education system & pursue their career in desire field. Parents & guardian of any student have to consider lots of stuff when deciding what and where their son/daughter is going to study. Malaysian Education System is very strong because every student is closely watched by the Malaysian Education Ministries through their quality control authorities.

1) Quality of Education:
One should consider the quality of education while studying abroad. Malaysia provides quality and that is why this country is still considered by many as a top notch study abroad option.

2) Affordable Fee Structure:
Malaysia is really very cheap country as compared to other study abroad options. For example, you can study UK degree (3 years) in Malaysia in just approx 70,000 RM (US$17,000), whereas same degree in UK would cost you around (RM226,000 or US$54,250).

3) Diversity of Food:
Students can enjoy different foods in Malaysia due to the diversity of people in Malaysia.

4) Weather:
For the people who live in cold countries, Malaysia is a perfect place to study.

5) No Language Barrier:
There is a very good English literacy race, which help students to enjoy their life in Malaysia with studies.

6) Internationally Recognized:
Universities in Malaysia are recognized all around the globe and the rankings of Malaysian Universities are really very high. For example, “University of Malaya” is ranked 87th place in QS rankings in 2019.

There is no work allowed in Malaysia, but under some strict rules, students can work 20 hours/week. Only some workplaces allow you to work with them.

There are numerous courses offered by universities in Malaysia. Some are given below:
• Engineering Science
• Biomedical Science
• International Business
• Communications and Media Studies
• Graduate Certificate
• Psychological Science and Business
• Food Science and Technology
• Computer Science and Information Technology
• Business and Commerce and Bachelor of Communication

Here is the list of some universities which are high in rankings:

• Universiti Malaya
• INTI International University
• Taylor’s University
• UCSI University
• HELP University
• Universiti Sains Malaysia
• Multimedia University
• Asia Pacific University
• Swinburne University
• Segi University
• Curtin University

Some of the most important documents are given below:

1) An admission letter from the university, in which team IGL will help you.
2) Previous education transcripts and certificates.
3) Enough bank statement as a proof, that you can pay your next semester fees and expenses.
4) Valid IELTS or TOEFL score. In some universities, IE:LTS can be exempted in some universities.
5) Photographs and Biometrics.



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