Ireland is now becoming one of the best study abroad destinations for International students, because of an affordable fee structure and a vast variety of courses offered by Irish Universities. Ireland is an English-speaking country. The main reason to choose Ireland for a study abroad destination is their excellent academic standards. The education system in Ireland is one of the best in the world and offers a number of benefits to their students.

1) Trinity College Dublin:

It is the oldest university in the republic of Ireland. Trinity College Dublin was founded as an equaling to the University of Oxford. The Trinity College Dublin offers wide range of courses from A-Z

2) RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences:

It offers postgraduate courses in bereavement studies and healthcare technologies, as well as it is offering five-year undergraduate degree courses in pharmacy and four-year courses in physiotherapy.
There are many popular personalities, who have achieved their degree from RCSI University.

3) University College Dublin:

University College Dublin is commonly known as UCD, it is one of the best university in the Republic of Ireland, which offers variety of courses on a very affordable fee structure.

The main intakes of Ireland universities and colleges are in September, but some Irish universities offer programs in February.


The very first thing we have to do is to decide the university and course. As we will help you to do, that is based on your interest area, career plan, current academic background, scores, budget and much more.


Once the university has been decided by you, you have to submit your documents to us. You can check the required documents below.


We will apply to the University on your behalf through online or paper application.


Once the University gets your documents, they will send you an offer letter, in which the fee structure of whole year will be mentioned.


Pay your first semester fee to the University.


Wait for an Admission Letter.


Once the admission letter has been received by you, we can apply for Visa on your behalf.

Here are the complete documents required for the university admission.

1) All educational documents.

2) An updated CV.

3) SOP (Statement of purpose).

4) Passport copy (First and Last page).

5) Valid IELTS score.

6) 2 (Recommendation letters).

7) Work experience letter (If you have any).

While you are studying in Ireland, you are allowed to work 20 hours/week. You can do part-time jobs while studying, which is the most satisfactory part for a student.

After completing your studies in Ireland, you can have a PSW (Post Study Work) in Ireland. In that period, you have to find a well settled job related to your field in order to stay longer in Ireland.


We (TEAM IGL) are available for your counseling regarding your studies in Sweden, You just need to visit our nearest branch or call us on given number: 0337 8414260.