Canada is one of the most beautiful places to live. And the education system in Canada is one of the best. Degree from Canada is worth on the same status of the USA, Australia or UK. May be some universities are expensive over there but Canadian universities have value for money. There are so many jobs, which a student can do part time or full time after graduation. Living is not that expensive what some people think about Canada. It depends on the state, in which you are living in.

If you have decided to study in Canada, then the very first thing you have to do is to think about your courses and universities.

1) Research: Do some research on universities and courses, which are affordable for you and have good ranking or quality of education. Or you can come to IGL for more proper counseling

2) Admission Requirements: After selecting minimum of 4 universities, you should go for the requirements of those universities and try to match them.

Some major requirements are given below:

I. Good grades in your last education.
II. Language requirements must be met. IELTS score should be above 6.5.
III. You must meet the requirements of credit hours from your last degree.
IV. Having a job experience in your application is a plus point.
V. Study gap for undergraduate program is accepted from 1-5 years but it totally depends on the universities, some universities also accept even the gap of 7 years. Same for postgraduate. But you need to show some sort of experience regarding your field of interest.
VI. Strong sop should be written.

3) Submit the required documents:

Once you fulfill the requirements of some particular university, start managing your required documents for the admission process.

• A certified copy of your educational documents • A complete application form needs to be submitted. Must be signed by you
• Letter of motivation
• An updated CV must not be forgotten
• IELTS result. (According to your university requirements)
• Proof of funds
• Applying for masters? You need to submit reference letter from your university as well
• Experience letters from the company, you worked in

Please note that all documents must be translated into either English or French.

4) Acceptance letter:

After submitting your required documents to the universities, you must wait for the acceptance letter from the universities.

Once you received your acceptance letter from the university of your choice, you need to apply for study permit in Canada. You can either apply online or on paper. All documents required for Visa are given below:

• Acceptance letter (1 copy).
• Confirmation of medical examination (1 copy).
• Proof of GIC (GUARANTEED INVESTMENT CERTIFIFCATE) of amount ($10,000).
• Proof of paid tuition fee for first semester but it is recommended to pay the fee of whole year to increase your visa chances.
• Proof of language test (IELTS). Minimum score should not be less than 6.

University of Toronto:

There are more than 700 undergraduate degrees and 200 postgraduate degrees are being offered, and the university is one of the best in the world for medicine.

University of British Columbia:

It is one of the best and oldest universities in Canada. There are two campuses of University of British Columbia, one is located in Vancouver and the other one is in Kelowna. There are many global prize winners, who associated with the university itself.

McGill University:

It is a public research university in Montreal, Canada (Founded in 1821). McGill University offers 300 fields of study with the highest average admission requirements in Canada.

McMaster University:

McMaster University is basically world renowned due to its medical schooling, but there are also faculties of Business and Engineering. This university emphasizes on the research work, which is most needed in the society.

University of Montreal:

University of Montreal is mainly known for its research work. There are loads of programs are being offered by this University. Approximately, 700 Postgraduate and undergraduate programs are being offered and nearly 71 doctoral programs.

Students are allowed to work 20 hours/week during studies.

Once you complete your degree, your study permit will expire in 3 months, but you need to change your study permit into work permit by finding jobs related to your field.


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